I have been using the Chester County Primary Care portal since it started and find it to be extremely useful. It is very helpful to be able to find all of my medical information in one place as I have been a patient of this practice for over 30 years and there is much to keep track of.

The portal enables me to get my test results that I not only can review online but also print and take to other care providers that I see. The ability to request prescription renewals online has been a time saver for me as well.

– George


In 1988 I met Dr. Anne Bowen and became her patient. In 1990 she and her sister, Dr. Lisa Johnson formed Chester County Primary Care. Their care and professionalism is unequaled and their wonderful staff, excellent nurses and Physician Assistants are exceptional. My entire family are patients including my grown Grandsons!

– Lynne


I have been under the care of Chester County Primary Care for over twenty years and though health care coverage is undergoing upheaval I can honestly share that choosing Chester County Primary Care has remained the best decision I made regarding my health care.

The staff is intelligent, approachable, confident, and compassionate. I have never felt like I am viewed as just a symptom or a collection of symptoms but rather a respected, valued human being. I appreciate the way in which the physicians and the physicians assistants carefully listen, synthesize the information, and use their clinical judgment and abilities to reach a diagnosis.

I further appreciate their empathy–their willingness to listen to what I am feeling and experiencing, physically and emotionally, without losing focus, and communicate that understanding to me in a forthright manner that I can understand. They often work with one’s lifestyle and/or behaviors such as exercise or nutrition before resorting to drugs/medications. I would be remiss if I did not mention that anytime a referral has been required (e.g., colonoscopy) I have been impressed with the doctor I was referred to and the followup with Chester County Primary. When choosing Chester County Primary you will indeed become the beneficiary of a trusting and respectful partnership between oneself and the doctors. The entire staff of Chester County Primary is compassionate and kind.

The physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and ancillary staff treat patients with kind hearts and gentle hands. They are extremely competent, kind, and dedicated to their work of preserving the health of their patients.

– Diana


I started with this practice in 1997. I have recommended many, many patients to this practice since then. My husband is a patient, my children are patients, their spouses and their children are all patients! I would not trust another primary care physician’s office!

– Joanne


On the fervent opinion expressed by a good friend of our family, Anne, from Chester County Hospital, Amory and Derek very tentatively approached yet another, new-to-us primary care doctors’ office about ten years ago. We had moved to Chester County in 1997, and had been trying to find a primary care doctor with whom we each could relate as a real person, but who also was a truly knowledgeable medical doctor. Over the years both Amory and I have found ALL of the people staffing Chester County Primary Care to be so wonderfully friendly, welcoming, truly warm-hearted and entirely competent. We know them as friends because they enfold us with open caring, individual attention and reciprocate our overt affection for each of them. When we have “dire” needs and minor needs, they always respond quickly, attentively and more than meet our needs with skills and compassion.

All this reality is equally true about the doctors (twin sisters) and physician assistants. Any time we have needed to reach them, they have made a way for them to be available to us. We have been through very demanding medical situations with the doctors and staff and each and all dealt with each of us so competently, equally well with the emotional roller-coasters many of us go through when we are severely challenged medically. They care for us and about us and they know us. Our trust and care levels are tops!

– Derek and Amory